Welcome! Jonathon Cruz here, some know me as "Pookie". Barber by day daddy by night. Some say I have the easiest job in the world. I say I have the best lifestyle. I started cutting when I was twelve. In my mom's bathroom and kitchen. I figured, why pay a guy to give me a buzz cut when I can do it myself. Since then, I graduated into the garage and even remodeled my bedroom into a barber shop. Since then I've mastered the art of fades, designs, blade work, and even becoming a great therapist. Ha ha... Not really, but in this line of work its more than just cutting and styling. It's becoming a friend, a mentor, family and even a therapist! I definitely learned from clients and co workers, utilizing my moments to help my clients. In anyway possible I want my client to feel at home and leave happy. I can do almost anything with the clippers and blades. From a simple buzz cut, to a skin fade all the way up to superhero designs with a scissor touch Mohawk. I'm always up for a challenge and love to learn the new and old. Maybe one day I can venture your head for a thrill ride in our home at The " IT" Factor Hair Studio. "feel how you look"